How to Gain Muscle Fast

A lot of people want bigger muscle, be healthier and feel good about themselves but the unfortunate reality is that most of us can’t go to the gym due to money constraints, lack of time, self-esteem issues and a number of other reasons. For people who can’t go to the gym but want to improve their physique, this website is for you. We provide insightful product reviews and exclusive tips on how to gain muscle fast, along with helpful information regarding bodybuilding and proper nutrition tailored for people just like you!

For Skinny Individuals

There are a lot of skinny individuals who want to have bigger muscles but find it hard to increase their weight. Most of these people are ectomorphs who have genes which keep them skinny. If you fall under this body type category, here is an outline of what you need to do to put on the size:

1. Eat moreEat more.
No matter how much you think you’re eating, you need to eat more than that. Doesn’t matter if you think you’re eating tons already, you still need to eat more. The reason why you can’t gain weight is because your body is burning all your calories so there’s nothing left for muscle building. So eat more.

2. Eat what you want.
Some posh trainers and instructors will tell you that you can’t eat certain kinds of food. To a point, they are right. However, you need to eat more to put on more weight and to do that, you need to build up your appetite. Worry about eating lean and healthy after you’ve achieved your ideal weight.

3. Eat Fast.
It’s harder to feel full when you eat fast and because you don’t feel full, you can eat more without losing appetite. So eat fast.

4. Make eating a habit.
Get your phone out, set an alarm for every 2 or 3 hours and when that alarm sets off, be sure to grab something to eat even if you’re not hungry. It doesn’t matter if it’s a protein bar or a piece of meat, eat once that alarm sounds. Making eating a habit will make you bigger, fast.

5. Use weight gain products.
You’re basically for products that promote appetite over anything else. You can easily do this by grabbing whatever appetizers you can get your hands on. As for protein powders, there are a handful that you can choose from, GNC Pro Performance for instance, but be sure to look for whey isolate or whey protein isolate on the label.

For Overweight Individuals

If you are above your ideal weight, you need to lose weight first. You can’t build muscle if each part of your body is enveloped with fat! So what you need is a proper diet to go with your workouts, so you can burn the fat away and bare the lean muscles that have formed from your workouts.

Most people who are overweight are often unable to go to the gym due to a variety of reasons. But whatever the case may be, the home workout and bodybuilding instructions below are the best answer to your predicament.

If you have a pair of dumbbells at home, you can do a plethora of workouts that can help you gain muscle faster. You can do chest presses, pullovers, deadlifts, seated upright rows, alternating dumbbell curls and other combinations you can think of. You can also do pushups. This is always a great way to bulk up your chest muscles.

Cost-Effective Equipment to Use for a Total Body Workout

There are also a handful of cheap products in the market that can help you get a complete body workout, however, only a few can really give you the results you want. Here are some of them:

1. Elastic Resistance Sets

Elastic Resistance SetsThese things usually come with an instructional DVD, and it costs anywhere from 30USD to 125USD, which is considerably cheap compared to fitness machines. It uses flexible and stretchable elastic bands to replace dead weight. Using elastic resistance, it can mimic dead weights.

Just like dumbbells and other dead weights, it offers progressive resistance, variable speed and free range of motion. However, its applications and targeted muscle groups outnumber its counterpart.

Elastic resistance allows more workout positions on platforms where dead weights cannot be utilized and thus, give you a better body workout. The big resistance band brands available today are from Bodylastics, Wailea and Black Mountain.

2. Workout DVDs

This is very flexible solution for those who can’t go to the gym. It contains exercise regimens without the use of any machines like that which you find in a gym. It may offer the use of elastic resistance like that of P90x, however, other brands do not. These regimens are good for the time-constrained individual who only has less than an hour to spend on workouts each day. The P90x, T25 and its predecessor, Insanity, are currently the top rated workout DVDs you can download.

Following the Right Diet

Contrary to popular belief, you need carbohydrates for bodybuilding, not just protein. The problem is adjusting the ratio of carbs to protein. To easily adjust your diet, use the portion-size method. Basically, you’ll have to eat 6-7 meals a day. Naturally, it should be even portions, the size of your fist, of protein, carbs and veggies. However, if you want to be leaner, reduce the carbs by 10% and add that 10% to your protein intake. On the other hand, if you want more muscle, you can increase the size of your meal.

In addition, a good meal replacement option after working out would be protein shakes. Drinking protein shakes right after every workout regimen is the best way to build muscle. These products usually come with instructional manuals on how to gain muscle fast just by using their products; something that you might want to take a look into as different products cater to different bodybuilding levels. Universal Nutrition Animal Whey, Jym Pro Jym and Dymatize Iso-100, among others, are some of the best protein shake brands available.