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Weider Power Tower
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Weider Power Tower

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Growing up was not much fun for me as a very skinny child. I was always at the mercy of boys with bigger muscles. They made life quite unbearable for me. They bullied and looked down on me.

Since then, I made a promise to myself to never be that slim anymore. I sought for opportunities to build my muscles – trotting from one gym to the other. I could not stomach outsiders staring at me as I worked out at my own pace.

If you share a similar story, the Weider Power Tower might be the answer you are searching for.

Weider Power Tower Overview

This power rack claims to combine five workout stations into a single unit. It boasts of its ability to help you develop every muscle within your body – from your biceps to your triceps. It provides you an opportunity to perform different exercise regimen, which includes:

  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Knee and leg raises
  • Push-ups
  • Hold raises

The Weider power tower certainly helps you if you are looking to shed your weight and regain your athletic body at a reasonable price tag. However, you need to put in the work and sweat it out regularly. 

Features & Benefits

Let us go through some of the standout features of this machine and the benefits it offers.

Ergonomic Design and Quality

The bars and handles are padded for a firmer grip, especially when you are sweating. Whatever the kind of workout you choose to do, the pads make you feel less friction while at them.

Its back and armrest also come fitted with pads for comfort. It promises a hitch-free exercise session, without a moment of displeasure.

The frames are sturdy and stable, offering fewer worries from wobbling or tipping over. If your weight is above 220 pounds, you might need some extra sources of load to counteract the excess pounds. These could be just some sandbags to ensure more stability.

High capacity

The machine has a maximum capacity of 300 pounds, which is suitable for a higher percentage of people. If you are a heavy user, you can still use it without any fear.

You might notice some feeble shaking, however, as your weight nears its endpoint. You can solve this issue by adding a few pounds to your belt or the base of the tower. Once done, you can continue your exercise regimen with confidence.

Its 84 inches also provides ample chance for taller users to take advantage. While performing chin-ups or pull-ups, it ensures that your legs do not touch the ground. Even if you are 6.3 feet, Weider Power Tower has you covered.

Versatility of Workouts

One impressive quality of the machine is the number of exercises you can conveniently perform. Some of these include:

  • Pull-ups or chin-ups: Its pull-up station helps to develop your abdominals, pectorals, trapezius, and posterior deltoids.
  • Leg raises: with its pull-up bar, you can effectively work your limbs by hanging them with ease. If you are a bit short, you can use some platforms to give yourself a height boost.
  • Dips: you can develop your anterior deltoids, triceps, and pectorals by using the dip station.
  • Vertical knee raises: if you would like to work on your abdominal muscles while stretching your knees, the leg raise station might prove very effective.
  • Platform push-ups: the handles underneath the pull-up bar are for an intense working of the deltoids, pectorals, and triceps. If you are looking for a way to take your push-ups deeper and more advanced, this machine could be of immense help.
Weider Power Tower

Straightforward assembly

This power tower comes with an easy to understand instructional manual for buyers. Even though putting the pieces together alone can be a bit overwhelming, following the steps will make it easier. The box has some tools that might be of help; however, you will need a couple more for a smoother set up.

Stability and safety

This power tower remains relatively stable during use. It can accommodate your weight without tipping over. Unlike other freestanding towers that tend to wobble when overweight users get on them, this machine claims to remain sturdy and resolute.

The extended stabilizers further add to its ability to withstand wobbling. When you place it on a very flat surface, you definitely do not have anything to fear. Moreover, if you notice any unevenness in your floor, a rubber gym mat can provide sustenance.

Easy to use

The dimensions of this machine are designed with lots of users in mind. The dip bars have a width of 24 inches and a height of 49 inches from the ground. It also features a fair distance between opposite bars so that you can train your triceps easily.

The padded arm and backrests are to ensure a comfortable knee raising exercise. The pull up stations are made with non-slip material. You might find this quite helpful as you work on your biceps.

User's Reviews

While researching for this article, I scoured the internet and was impressed with the many positive feedbacks on this product. Some of the buyers who have experienced the benefits of had good things to say. Below are screenshots of some of their thoughts and praises for the Weider power tower.

weider power tower user review
weider power tower user review
weider power tower user review

Final Thought About Weider Power Tower

I cannot overemphasize my fear and disgust for the gym. At every point, I would rather stay home and build my muscles. If this sounds like you, the Weider Power Tower might be your best bet.

  • It eliminates the intimidation of a gym membership
  • Your home becomes your gym
  • You have the chance and convenience to exercise whenever and however you desire

    If all these and more is what you are looking for, click here to check out the Weider Power Tower for yourself.


  • Suitable for tall persons
  • Back and armrests are durable
  • Appropriate locations are padded
  • Easy to use
  • High stability
  • Assembly takes a great deal of time and effort
  • Short people might find it difficult to use the arms
  • It takes a considerable amount of space
Weider Power Tower

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It is one of the best power tower training equipment on the market.

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