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Every person has their struggles in life, and one thing that has always plagued me was my scrawny build. Even as a teenager, I always felt like I was skinnier, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t get myself on a workout routine. 

I dabbled with gym memberships, but I hated everyone looking at me, and my anxiety would always get the best of me. Plus, they’re not convenient. Having to get in your car and drive ten minutes to a gym is not a recipe for success. 

If these problems resonate with you, then the CITYBIRDS Power Tower might help you. Instead of having to take on the anxiety and trouble of the gym, bring your workouts into the comfort of your own home. 

CITYBIRDS Power Tower Overview

The CITYBIRDS Power Tower is the new version of Sportsroyals. They’ve upgraded the product to offer a 14-gauge steel construction for durability and weight control. This exercise device can hold up to 400 pounds and withstand you using and abusing it every day. 


If you’re interested in exercising and building muscle, but you’re sick of going to the gym or paying for a membership, you can work out almost any muscle with this power tower. You can do the following workouts: 

  • Pull-Ups

  • Chin-Ups

  • Push-Ups

  • Dips

  • Leg Raises

  • Knee Raises

  • Lunges

  • Leg Squats

Since there are so many workouts available on the CITYBIRDS Power Tower, it means you won’t have to purchase a ton of equipment to build muscle and burn fat on your entire body. You can work out your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, chest, legs, abs, and more. 

The flexibility of exercising from home is something that a lot of people, including myself, look for, and with this power tower, that goal becomes a reality.

Features & Benefits

Now let’s talk about some of the stand out features that will help you get the body you’ve always dreamed of.

Adjustable Height 

The problem with a lot of machines like these is their design caters to one body type, and everyone else suffers the consequences. The CITYBIRDS Power Tower has four different height levels ranging from 64” to 88”. This feature is important when it comes to form and safety. 

If the pull-up bar is too high, it might require you to stand on something which can lead to injury, and if it’s too low, you won’t be able to extend your legs, which isn’t ideal either.


Ergonomic Design 

Sticking with the safety features, the armrests and backrest are designed for your safety as well. They build the rests, so they taper in 10 degrees to help prevent your arm from sliding out while you’re doing dips or leg raises. The back pad is properly proportioned with the armrests, so the majority of your back sits against the padded area for comfort. 

The backrest also comes with seven different adjustable levels so you can decide how far away you need it to be from the armrests.

Stability and Safety 

This power tower uses commercial-grade steel piping to hold weights up to 400 pounds. When you stack this one up against some of the competitors, you find that their towers use a basic H base which might work for children and lightweight individuals but I’ve found from using a few of these that the pull-up bar can sometimes start to bend and break the welds at the base. 

They’ve added an extra V section to each support to prevent that from happening as well as plenty of safety locknuts to make sure everything stays in place. Overall, this power tower is incredibly durable. 

Flexibility of Workouts 

One of the best things about the CITYBIRDS Power Tower is how many exercises you can do. If you’re looking to make one purchase and not have to buy anything else, this would be ideal. 

With the power tower, you’re using your body weight as the resistance, so you don’t need anything else but the tower and yourself. For example, when doing pull-ups, your own weight is the resistance, and you’re using the pull-up bar for leverage. As you lift yourself up, you’re exercising muscles in your back, chest, arms, and shoulders all from one movement.


If you’re anything like me, convenience is a huge part of the success of your workouts. Getting in the car and driving to the gym or having to go outside in the cold or hot weather for a run just isn’t something that comes easy. I know a lot of people who share this view. 

You can do this workout wherever you like. If you have a large closet in your bedroom, you can slide the power tower right in and out of the closet and get a sweat in while you watch the morning news. 

Accessibility is a huge selling point, and when you can quickly jump into the workout from the comfort of your own bedroom, it breaks down a lot of mental barriers that were holding you back before.

User's Reviews

If you’re still not in, I’ve scoured the internet to find out what some other people had to say about the CITYBIRDS Power Tower. 

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Final Thought About CITYBIRDS Power Tower

I’ve stressed the fact that I am not a huge fan of the gym, and if you relate, this power tower is an excellent solution to that problem.

  • It brings the gym home with you
  • Helps get rid of “gymtimidation”
  • Provides a wide assortment of exercises for you to do
  • Makes exercising more convenient

If your interest is piqued, click here to check out the CITYBIRDS Power Tower for yourself!


  • ​Multi-functional
  • Durable construction
  • Workout all your muscles
  • Non-slip and no-scratch rubber pads on the bottom
  • Affordable

  • ​Bends a little with the pull-up bar
  • Instructions could be a bit more clear
  • The overall tower is heavy


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It is one of the best power tower training equipment on the market.

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