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Ainfox Power Tower
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Ainfox Power Tower

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Training Equipment


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Growing up as a shy and skinny boy was one of the unhappiest periods of my life. I was always overlooked and intimidated by persons with bigger muscles and healthier flesh. This desire pushed me to sign up for numerous gym memberships, but they never lasted long.

I then realized that I did not appreciate people staring at me while I developed my scrawny figure. The earlier knowledge of the Ainfox Power Tower would have helped me add the requisite muscles in the comfort of my home.

The Ainfox Power Tower

The Ainfox Power Tower consists of highly reinforced oblate steel with a wide base, which promises stability during physical workouts. It can comfortably support people with a bodyweight of up to 500 pounds.

Ainfox Power Tower

It has the typical workout bars which include push-ups, pull up as well as the dip and vertical knee raise (VKR) bars. All these three workout bars help to develop muscles of the chest, arms, back, shoulders, triceps, and leg calves, and thus, giving you a balanced body physique. The workout bar handles of this power tower model are thick and ergonomically designed to give you a non-slip, firm grip during strength training regimes.

One interesting thing about the Ainfox Power Tower is the 4 levels of adjustable height feature, ranging from 64.6 to 84.7 inches. This fitness training equipment assures you of comfort during exercises as it comes with a leather backrest cushion to provide support to lower back muscles.

Features of the Ainfox Power Tower


You can engage in long workout sessions as this fitness device back cushion builts from imported leather, which comes in a soft and thick design, ensures you are comfortable during exercise. Also, knee raises done with the aid of the vertical knee raise bar can also be done in comfort as the armrests consist of soft leather.

Space-saving design

The Ainfox Power Tower comes in a very compact step-up design that does not take up a lot of space in the home when you get it assembled. You can easily carry it around from room to room or other houses, with its net weight of just over 60 pounds.

Ergonomic hand grips

To have an enjoyable physical workout experience right in your home, the handgrips of this power tower are coated with non-slip materials. This means you are able to grip them firmly during pull-ups as well as dip up workouts. It promises to keep your hands in position, even when you are sweating. It also claims to assure the safety of your wrists as they would not easily succumb to muscle strains.

Ainfox Power Tower

Heavy-duty frame

The fitness device consists of high quality reinforced oblate steel that makes it have sturdy stability as you go through intensive exercises. You do not have to worry about the equipment wobbling as the steel frame is able to comfortably handle the bodyweight of any individual as high as up to 500 pounds. The bodyweight capacity of this device gets it ranked among the highest power tower models in the market.

The industrial-grade steel also makes this fitness equipment last a good number of years even when you subject it to daily use.


The wide base caps design of this fitness tool is what makes it very stable as you go through your physical workouts. You would not experience any shaking or wobbling, even if the physical regime you are engaged in is very physically demanding.

Easy Assembling

You can assemble the body parts of the Ainfox Power Tower with ease as this won’t take you more than an hour to set it up. This means you can start aiming to achieve your set physical fitness goals within a short period of time after purchasing it.

Adjustable height levels

This feature enables everyone, regardless of their height, to be able to use the Ainfox Power Tower seamlessly. With a 4-level adjustable height knob, which ranges from 64.6 to 84.7 inches, this model is well suited to be used by both short and tall people alike.

Full body workout

If you want home fitness equipment that makes you workout on all the body muscles from arms, legs, calves, shoulders, back to chest, then this Ainfox Power Tower is a great choice. You can also work on reducing your body weight if you are in the obese category. It gets these done via its dip, pull-up, and vertical knee raise bars.

Customer reviews

There are several reviews by customers as relates to the use of this fitness equipment. Most customers were pleased about the bodyweight capacity of this device. Some also liked that the assemblage of body parts because it is easy to set up. Below are a few of these reviews;

aifox power tower review
aifox power tower review
aifox power tower review

Final Thought About Ainfox Power Tower

If you are desirous of being in good physical shape as you go about your fast-paced everyday work life, getting the Ainfox Power Tower fitness might be an ideal choice for you. The following reasons lend credence to this claim:

  • The Ainfox Power Tower is a multipurpose home fitness gear that can be used by everyone, not minding the height, weight, and fitness level of the person.
  • It is made from high-quality steel to cope with everyday workouts. Stability is also assured because of its high bodyweight capacity
  • You can get a balanced body frame as it helps you to work out on the muscles of your whole body
  • It takes away the pressure of working out public gyms thereby preventing unnecessarily intimidations

For more details, you can check out the full specifications of the Ainfox Power Tower here.


  • Easy assembling of body parts
  • The steel frame and curved base makes it very stable
  • It is suited for use by anybody regardless of their height, weight, and level of fitness
  • Large backrest cushion
  • Ergonomic hand grips
  • Weight capacity of 550 pounds
  • The exercises you can do with this tool are very limited
  • An overpowering smell on the handgrips when assembled for the first time
Ainfox Power Tower

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