7 Best Resistance Band Workouts for Men

The reality of our world today is that a lot of men do not have time to go to the gym and so they choose to workout at home and create their own home gyms. Resistance bands, being a very applicable workout tool in these situations, are becoming more and more popular. However, because of time constraints, it is imperative that the most effective resistance band workouts for men be utilized.

The exercises will center on muscle gain for the lower, upper and core muscle groups; targeting the biceps, triceps, side abdominals, quads, glutes, lat and lower leg muscles. It involves both complex and basic workouts, centered high repetition for flexibility with increased band resistance for muscle gain.

Anyone, of any fitness level can start on these without taking huge risks. It is a very forgiving workout that yields great results. It can be as high-intensity and heavy-resistant as you would deem it to be or just a slow-paced workout with high repetitions.

Below are 7 of the most time-efficient resistance band activities that produce the best results for anyone with a busy schedule who wants decent a well-built body.

Standing One Arm Back Row

Standing One Arm Back RowStanding one arm back row focuses on the lat muscles, which is the V outline on your back. It has been observed that doing one arm at a time produces better results and works the muscles than having an alternating arm method because it allows better recruitment of fibers.

High repetitions give a more intense burn and the results can easily be observed as you progress through your daily routine. Alternatively, this can be done while kneeling, it would still target your lat muscles.

Double Point Chess Press

Double Point Chess press challenges the chest muscles by opposing the humerus on 2 anchor points. The target region of this exercise is your middle chest. To do this, set your arms on your chest, make sure they are on a 45 degree angle upward. When you push, maintain the 45 degree angle. Breathe and repeat the movements in 2 sets of 20 repetitions while maintaining the 45 degree angle. This is one of the best resistance band exercises for men.

Cross Over Chest Fly

Cross over chest fly works great for chest muscles. To do this, bring in your arm from the outside towards the body front in a swinging fashion. When bringing both handles toward each other, overlap your arms so that one is on top and the other is below it. A better swinging motion with a larger range will produce more desirable results. Do this in 2 sets of 20 repetitions.

Bicep Curls with Resistance Bands (Standing)

Bicep curls using resistance bands is very effective exercise in place of dead weights. This targets bicep muscles in a very straight forward way. This works better with high resistance bands, which, in effect, packs more weight for you to lift up.

To perform this resistance band exercise, step on the middle of the band while holding the 2 handles with each of your arms. Step on the band firmly and keep it in place. Make sure you are always at a 90 degree angle, applying the fundamentals of dead weight lifting. Pull your arm up as if you’re lifting weights, but do not let it be straightened out and relax. Try as many repetitions as you can without fully-straightening the arm. This is the secret to more muscle gain. You will feel an intense burn afterwards.


SquatsSquats are some of the most effective leg, quad and glute exercises you can do. With resistance bands for legs, this effectiveness gets magnified.

To begin with, assume the initial position by stepping on the band with both your feet and bringing the handle to shoulder level, beside it with the elastic running from your back. Make sure your palms are facing the same direction you are.

When you squat, remember that the pressure must always on your heels not your toes. Also, always remember pushing the butt out as it emphasizes the pressure on your heels and takes pressure off your toes. This lessens the likelihood of injuries. Do this in 2 sets of 20 repetitions. As you feel easier, increase the band tension to further work your muscles.


Using leg resistance bands, kickbacks can be an effective workout for your upper legs; your quads and your glutes. To start with, make sure the elastic band is hooked to a point lower than your ankle, while you’re still standing up. Then put your hands and knees on the ground with the band anchored on one of your legs. This is when you start extending your leg, doing a kickback motion. It one of the most effective resistance leg band exercises.

Low High Chops

Low-High chops with resistance bands is systematic work out, targeting the side ABS (Transverse Abdominus). It involves twisting motions, which with resistance, strengthens the abdominals and creating side flexibility, applicable for daily tasks and even competitive sports. This is safer than most exercises of the nature for it does not revolve around momentum, which can injure you, especially when twisting.

It is one of the many facets on which dead weights can’t compete with resistance band workouts. Do as many 2 sets of 20 repetitions for this workout.

These resistance band workouts for men can be incorporated with any workout regimen as they promote both muscle gain and flexibility. Overall, this will produce great results, reflected on a well-sculpted body, in a non-demanding time frame. These workouts and repetitions can be done in as low as 30mins. However, the key is consistency as well as a diet that helps boost muscle gain. Hopefully, this article will provide our busy brothers with concrete solution that would not hinder their daily lives while still keeping them in shape.

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