5 Most Effective Cheap Exercise Equipment

Working out doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars just to bulk up or become healthy. In fact, you can get some of the most effective workout equipments for under $10. We kid you not! These 5 cheap exercise equipment will be a great start for your home gym so you can start workout anytime you feel like it.

1. Workout Bars

Workout BarsThese workout bars cost anywhere from $30-$40. It offers great value for money considering the number of exercises you can do with them. Workout bars can be used for building up upper, core and lower body strength.

A wide array of pull ups, dips, vertical sit ups and curl ups are all possible with this nifty little toy. Once mounted, it can provide the perfect base for abdominal crunches. It also helps improve grip strength.

Mount it in front of your door, closet space, or anywhere in which you have a sturdy base and right amount of space for your exercises. Plus, on its own, it barely takes up any space and can easily be moved to a desired location, like the outdoor for instance, which provides the space that your home could not. It’ll be more favorable towards most vertical exercises. Once you’re done with it, you can easily unmount and store it for another day’s use.

Jym Pro Total Upper Body Workout Bar and Tony Horton’s Chin up are the leading workout bar brands in the market today. It is one of the best home exercise equipment you can buy, at a cheap price too.

2. Jump Rope

A jump rope is arguably the most cost-effective and best home fitness equipment available to anyone. Regular ones will cost you less than $10, although the fancy ones will go up to $20. It’s just a tremendous cardio exercise, which if performed in the right way, will have no lesser effects than running or jogging. It is also a great calorie-burner for those that want a leaner body or just burn off excess fat to give way to their muscles.

For beginners, it is important to reduce the size of the rope by holding it before the handle. Jumping is always key, but most beginners tend to over do jumping. People who have been using the jump rope long enough only need their rhythm and a 1 inch vertical clearance, making the jumps both faster and more efficient.

Jump ropes, primarily, impact the ankles and knees and is definitely good for the heart for it a cardiovascular exercise and the amount of calories it burns in just 15-20mins. Prior caution should be taken, since this exercise puts stress on the joints. Hence, proper warm up and stretching to lube up the joints are necessary.

3. Push Up Stands

At just over $50, push up stands are a great value for money. They make pushups more efficient and have greater impact on the chest muscles for it drops you lower than a regular push up would and thus, raise your shoulder joints for a bigger horizontal abduction, which in turn, make your pectorals and side muscles work more. Granted that you will be doing anywhere from 50 to 300 push up repetitions per day, this is a great way to maximize that number of repsWorkout Bars.

Push up stands also lowers the risk of wrist injuries. When you do a normal push up without the stands, the pressure will always be on your wrist as your palms act as a flat base. This causes an over-extension of the wrist, which have been known to cause nerve problems.

With the push up stands on the other hand, the pressure will be on your arms, not your wrists as they are in their natural position and thus, make your forearms shoulder the weight and prevent your wrist from collapsing.

Tony Horton’s PowerStands is one of the leaders in the push up stand market. It comes free when you purchase the P90x.

4. Resistance Bands

The resistance bands that are available in the market today are usually made of nylon pellets and and coated with latex. A package would cost anywhere from $30 to $140, which is quite a leap from the other products that were suggested. However, they are very cost-efficient for their price, which is still reasonable by the way. They can do a lot of things and by a lot, I mean that just between the bands, the push up stands and the workout bar, you’ll already have an almost complete gym facility.

Resistance training has been out for a long time, but was only only popularized during the late 90s because it’s quite cheap, flexible in terms of applications and easily adjustable in terms of resistance, which plays a major role in catering different levels of fitness that the consumers are on before they actually use the thing. Aside from that, it is a portable exercise equipment that can easily be installed in any space and be stored away just as easily. It does not take up space offers a lot more than what free weights can.It is basically a total body workout equipment that you can pack in a small bag and take wherever you go.

It is easy to use alone and won’t require anyone else’ help. Plus in can be incorporated into almost any exercise routine you have, providing resistance to specific muscles that you want to target.

Bodylastics produces top of the line resistance bands, leading market sale in the said product category.

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5. Exercise Mats

Exercise MatsAn exercise mat, a really cheap exercise equipment, will come in handy if you follow a daily workout routine or one of those back-to-basics bodybuilding workout videos like the P90x, T25 and Insanity. Prices range from $20 to $40.

This would also come in handy for weight lifting, sit ups or simple push ups. One thing to consider when buying the mats; always feel the grip, the more grip, the better the mat.

You don’t want to be sliding around every time you move because your mat can’t get a grip of the floor. Also, the thicker, the better the mat will be as it provides more cushion. Look for the antibacterial ones too, as it will save you a lot of time from cleaning those mats, not to mention keep you healthy.

Fitness Gear, Natural Fitness, SKLZ, STOTT and even Nike have their own brand of fitness mats.

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