Bodylastics Review

These days, more and more people are interested in working out at home since they can’t go to the gym, mainly because of time and monetary constraints. Home workouts and home gym packages are on the rise, offering cost-effective alternatives to expensive gym memberships. A growing niche in this area is the elastic resistance band and one of the more popular and top rated brands for these exercise bands is Bodylastics. This review will help you discover if it truly deserves the popularity and high ratings it is getting on resistance band reviews from various websites.

What are Resistance Bands?

What are Resistance Bands?Resistance bands are, in the simplest of terms, elastic materials, which are turned into flexible bands, used to provide resistance to muscles just like a dead weight does.

On average, they 4 feet in length with varying thickness, which determines the amount of resistance the flexible bands can offer.

These bands usually come with clips, most times plastic, which act as a handle mechanism. The better resistance bands, however, use metal as their handle. They can easily be attached to any sturdy base.

Why Use Resistance Bands?

Resistance bands offer everything a dead weight can and more. It allows the following functions:

● Progressive Resistance

● Variable Speed

● Free Range of Motion

Advantage and Benefits of Resistance Bands

1. Cost-Effective
Resistance bands are quite cheap compared to the hundreds of dollars you will spend on gym membership or personal trainer fees. Individually, bands can be bought for under 10USD while complete packages cost anywhere from 30USD to 140USD.

2. Can be Used with Usual Exercises
If you don’t have the time to discover new exercise routines, you can easily incorporate resistance bands into your already existing one by, for instance, replacing dead weights and using it for just like you would a dumbbell on a normal bicep curl. You can even spice up old moves like pushups and make them more effective by increasing their intensity.

3. Whole-Body Workout
Resistance bands can adapt to any position; individually targeting each muscle group.

4. Caters to Every Fitness Level
Expert or beginner, resistance bands offer the most flexible solutions. As mentioned, rubber resistance bands will have different thickness and resistance levels. It follows that the thicker the bands, the higher the resistance. Another innovative option is to increase the number of bands that you workout on or you can just simply turn adjust how slack the bands are on.

5. Can be Used Without a PartnerCan be Used Without a Partner
In contrast to dead weights, resistance bands can be easily used without a partner needing to assist on really heavy weights. This makes it ideal for anyone who lives alone or just prefers workout on his/her time, without bothering anyone.

6. Portable
Resistance bands, which can easily fit into a small bag, are very ideal for working out while on the road. Be it in your hotel room, your RV or a tree, the bands can easily be installed.

7. Does not Take up Space
The resistance band package can easily be stored away unlike other workout equipments.

8. Versatile
Resistance bands can fit any kind of workout regimen and create equipment combinations for better workout results. It also adds variety to workouts, which tend to target more muscle groups, making every minute you spend working out, extremely efficient.

Why Bodylastics?

Among the top brands of resistance bands, bodylastics is one of the pioneers that made made it known and made a proper product, sturdy and reliable, available to the market. The founder, Blake Kassel, a certified personal trainer, designed the Quick Clip System which is native to Bodylastics. It makes the stacking of resistance bands feasible as well as turning elastic resistance bands into a complete gym system for a total body workout.

Bodylastics, just from holding it, feels sturdy and smooth, allowing maximum performance without much risk of blisters. Every band is made from Nylon pellets and ABS, covered by several coatings of latex, which increases their resistance and turns them into heavy duty resistance bands.

How Does It Work?

The beauty of resistance bands is their flexibility to adapt to any base; clip it and you’re good to go. However, another attachment comes with top brands like Bodylastic. Here are detailed instructions on how to set up the Bodylastic door anchor attachment directly quoted from their business portal.

Step 1:
Open the door. Be sure to utilize a sturdy door and one that closes towards you as you are doing the exercises, (this insure that the door is actually being pulled close as you stretch the bands).

Step 2:
Go behind the door and thread the loop of the anchor through the opening on the hinge side.

Step 3:
Open the loop of the door anchor.

Step 4:
Thread your elastic(s) through the loop of the door anchor. Additionally, Bodylastics resistance bands come in color coding with each color corresponding to a predetermined weight; Yellow – a maximum of 6 pounds, Green – 8.5 pounds, Red – 12 pounds, Blue – anywhere from 15-18 pounds.

Where to Buy Resistance Band

Where to Buy Resistance BandBodylastics is offered in a variety of trading portals such as Amazon. However, it is always best to buy it directly from the manufacturer. Their prices start from 30USD to 140USD. All major credit cards and paypal accepted.

Many reputable third-party websites also offer a range of resistance band products from an array of manufacturers, including Bodylastics. Individual band and complete packages are offered at very competitive prices.

Seasonal discounts are also available as well. So if you’re looking for great deals, it’s always a great idea to check out the product inventory page daily.


Bodylastics, indeed provides a cost effective and very flexible solution for people who are on the road or just can’t get to the gym. It opens up a good opportunity of staying fit and buff even with a busy schedule. This versatile gym equipment is perfect for a fast-paced urban-based lifestyle.

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