Top 7 Best at Home Workouts

There are so many forms of exercises you can do at home that your options are limitless. Granted that you know the fundamentals, but do you have any idea of which ones are considered the best at home workouts?

In essence, when talking about the best in terms of exercises, it almost always points towards total body workouts, those that encompass multiple muscle groups as opposed to focusing on just one. However, a better way to go about it is by following an exercise regimen that contains a number of total body workouts and at the same time, you throw in exercises meant for specific muscle groups. This allows for improvement in every part of your body.

Since these are home workouts, equipments are not necessary. If you want to use equipment that you already have, then that’s fine. However, again, if you don’t have it, you need not go look or buy one; it is not needed here since this is a back-to-basic approach which revolves around 7 complementary exercises that will hone your body effectively.

1. Push Ups

push upsEveryone keeps telling you to do some pushups, and there must be a good reason for it, right? Well, the thing is, it works. Push ups were introduced to us at a very early age since they are easy to grasp and need no equipment.

It is also one of the top upper body workouts that target the core, triceps and especially the chest. When doing push ups, in general, an average person lifts 60% of his/her body weight, making it a tremendous chest workout at home. Push ups can be done is so many different ways.

2. Dead Lift

The Dead Lift is probably one of the oldest exercise methods in the books, but that’s because it’s really effective. However, there are proper forms to keep in mind when dead lifting, even for a simple dumbbell. The wrong forms can either injure you or lead to unsightly muscle developments. It centers mostly on the development of the upper body such as your biceps and triceps as well as your chest.

3. Squats

Squats, also a legendary exercise with tons of variation, mainly target the lower body among other muscle groups. It can easily be paired with dead weights to have a greater upper body impact, creating a total body workout. Even without the weights, squats must exist in your training routine. They’re great for building quads, hips, glutes and even better as a hamstring workout at home.

Most amateurs tend to focus on their upper body so much that they leave the lower body with almost no activity; don’t make the same mistake. Do you squats and you can thank me later.

4. Burpees

Burpees can be a bit complicated and silly-looking, but it does its job. It’s a total body workout you can’t miss out on.

To do it, begin in a standing and then squatting down. Immediately proceed to putting your hands on the floor, extend your feet backwards, do a pushup. After the push up, retract your feet so that they’re under you and leap as if you’re pouncing. You’ve finally done a burpee.

Of course, you have the option of using dead weights to make it more challenging; a dumbbell is ideal.

5. Lunges

Although this may seem simple, it can easily wear you out. It targets multiple muscle group at once; quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. To make it even more effective, take a pair of dumbbells, get a rhythm, lift the dumbbells as you lunge forward and notice how you’re working almost your entire body.

This exercise is can be a test of endurance as much as it is about strength. High repetitions make your muscle groups work hard. To make it more interesting, you can even do it as if you were walking. A constant change in scenery and having a set distance goal will help you get over the repetition goal you’ve set. However, again, don’t take it ligtly. The simplest of things can always be the toughest.

6. Resistance Bands

 Resistance BandsYes I’ve said it earlier, exercises that require no equipment but this thing is too good to pass up for an at home exercise routine. It is fairly new too. It developed a following around the late 90’s, early 00’s and later turned big as more and more people started using them. Who wouldn’t?

it is very ideal for a home gym. Basically, the resistance bands will replace your dead weights, but can do so much more. You can do lat exercises at home while sitting on a chair and pulling on the resistance bands which are attached to your door.

And by simply getting down on your knees, facing away from the bands, pulling it in high repetition, you’ll have nice back exercises at home. The possibilities are endless with these elastic things. In fact, you can incorporate them into almost any type of workout you can think of.

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7. Sit Ups

Again, another old school workout in the list. Old but gold as they say. Now, sit ups, they’re what will get you those ripped abs that the ladies like so much. They can also be achieved with weights, but that’s not necessary. What is important though is that you do high repetitions of this workout. It mainly focuses on your core muscle, but still work the quads and with weights, your upper body. It is one of the most underrated workouts but again, it is effective, especially if you want those chiseled abs, maybe to score with women or just to feel goodabout yourself.

This list provided you with some of the best at home workouts to consider when planning your own exercise program. However, you can add any type of workout you want for it all depends on how you envision your body. Remember, you’re the one sculpting it so you get to decide which muscle group you want to prioritize. Good luck!